Putting a new RX100 MK3 through it's paces up at Beverly and Rainbow Lakes yesterday, and I have to say I'm really impressed thus far. To get such great image quality like this in such a small camera/lens package is pretty unbelievable. Overall, it's fairly light (about twice the weight of an iPhone), built well, and a pleasure to use. Here's some samples from my first tests yesterday.

I'll be using this on a majority of my runs and hikes into the high alpine over my iPhone.

I caught that small trout with my bare hands if you can believe it!

Some moody iPhone-only images from a hike up Helm Creek Trail and into Garibaldi Provincial Park. The hope was to catch a glimpse of Black Tusk on this day, but it was not to be. Instead, about mid way through the trek a heavy fog moved into the alpine, at times making it hard to see even 100 feet in front of me.

Photos from a solo hike up Rainbow Lake last week. Lucky to have made it up here at this time of year while the ice was melting and creating beautiful formations.

This past Friday I joined the Up Knorth team of Adrien and Oana for a fly fishing adventure at Levette Lake just outside Squamish, BC. Although their were aggressive bear warnings in the area, the weather was rainy, and the fish (singular) we caught was quite small, the trip was total success. Highlights were the beers (not bears), misty lake and forest, views of the Tantalus Range, and Oana's crusty bread / cheddar cheese / smoked sausage combo -- delicious!

If you haven't visited Up Knorth's website or checked out their line of quality outdoors products, you definitely should: http://upknorth.com/

Can't wait to go on more adventures with Adrien and Oana in the future.


A mix of DSLR and iPhone photos documenting an early season hike up to Rainbow Lake with my friends Oli and Yanek. At times we found ourselves a little out of our element, as the lake's heavy water outflow prevented us from crossing at its usually jumpable estuary, forcing us to traverse the steep side of the lake and through some pretty sketchy terrain of wet snow, loose rocks and waterfalls... Of course, all this while we were tripping wildly on magic mushrooms.

The memories from this hike should last a lifetime, most definitely for Yanek as it was his first foray into an alpine environment since arriving in BC a little over a week earlier. Best wishes to your future here in BC, Yanek. I hope this was a warm introduction to the possibilities of life here in this beautiful place. You passed the test.