Some images captured on Green Lake the other evening while anticipating the Aurora Borealis.

Camera: D810 + Zeiss 15mm f2.8
Testing out a new 8-weight salmon rod and reel combo from Sage... Absolutely in love... When it became too dark for fishing, I had a small campfire and waited for the forecasted Aurora Borealis.

Didn't see any Aurora, but did manage to capture some nice blue tones and stars as the moon rose over Armchair and Wedge mountains.

Also seen in the photos is the Filson photography bag and fishing vest gifted from Up Knorth.
A short alpine run up to Gin & Tonic Lakes. Such a beautiful little place that's close to home. The two lakes are smaller than Rainbow Lake, which is close by, but do not receive nearly as much traffic as the trail up to it is less marked / known.

Saw some large bear tracks. Unsure if if it's grizzly or black bear, but I did run into a small black bear on the way down the trail.

Chasing the dream.

Fly fishing on Green Lake in Whistler, BC.

Had a beautiful hike up to Joffre Lakes last weekend with Nathalie Kelley and friends. Although portraits are not typically my forte, Nathalie makes it easy to take great shots and the feeling of shooting together felt really natural and genuine from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to working on a few more creative projects with Nathalie in the not too distant future.
A few captures from a weekend fishing retreat with UP KNÖRTH at Madeley Lake. We truly lucked out on the camping spot and weather. Photos were taken by both UP KNÖRTH and myself using a Nikon D7000 and Sony RX100M3.