Johanna Braddy is an American actress best known for her work in the ABC series, Greek. She and I met through Nathalie Kelley, as they both work on a new project currently being shot in Vancouver.

We shot these while exploring the Vancouver Botanical Gardens earlier this autumn. Images taken in natural light with a Nikon D810 and a set of Zeiss primes, including the 85mm f1.4 and 35mm f2.

It's actually quite hard to take a bad shot with Johanna. She has a very angelic, graceful way about her. Hope to shoot with her again one day soon.

Images from a Salmon Point Rd. abandoned home located about 15 minutes drive from where I currently live in Prince Edward County. Mostly low-ISO long exposures (15-30s each) taken with a Zeiss 15mm f2.8 and Nikon D810 combination.

I find it fascinating to think about the lives that once inhabited places like this. Simple meanderings, like how many people were in the family, or what caused them to leave 40-60 years ago... Such thoughts feed your curiosity, but ultimately leave you having to make up your own narratives.

Oddly, it was only after looking at the pictures afterward that I realized there's some kind of upstairs to this place. Although I looked for a staircase while I was roaming around in here, I couldn't find anything. Might have to revisit and explore a little further.

The past few days of roaming around the roads of Prince Edward County has really made me appreciate the bygone era of the place. While I spent an early part of my childhood growing-up not far from here in a century old farmhouse, PEC has far more abandoned buildings and relics from the past. Although mostly old farmhouses and barns, the sites include schools, boats, churches, rvs, and even an abandoned military base. As a photographer, it all beacons strongly to your inner explorer.

Over the next few months I'll be trying to capture PEC's natural, cultural and historical narratives through photography on this blog.

I'm also working on some prints available for Christmas, so please stay tuned.

A few images taken over the span of three days on the Birkenhead river, located north-west of Pemberton, BC.

The sockeye salmon run is now fully in motion, and with that comes the opportunity to catch the rainbow and bull-trout that follow them up stream and feed on their eggs.

While catching a few smaller trout, I actually had two run-ins with salmon. The first time I hooked the back fin of a large male by accident, which ensued in a fight lasting about 15 minutes before he finally popped off nowhere near to landing him. The second was a >10lbs female salmon that actually took my dry fly -- something considered odd, as salmon are not really looking to feed this time of year and are mostly focused on their goal of spawning. This fight lasted 10 minutes or so back and forth between shallows and fast flowing water before she popped off after one final run down current.

In retrospect, I'm actually pretty happy that both fish popped-off before getting to land them. I wasn't fishing for salmon, and believe it's best to let them do their thing and spawn this time of year. It's an almost somber, but beautiful process of nature that I'm happy I got to witness up close.

Camera: D810 + RX100

Some images captured on Green Lake the other evening while anticipating the Aurora Borealis.

Camera: D810 + Zeiss 15mm f2.8
Testing out a new 8-weight salmon rod and reel combo from Sage... Absolutely in love... When it became too dark for fishing, I had a small campfire and waited for the forecasted Aurora Borealis.

Didn't see any Aurora, but did manage to capture some nice blue tones and stars as the moon rose over Armchair and Wedge mountains.

Also seen in the photos is the Filson photography bag and fishing vest gifted from Up Knorth.
A short alpine run up to Gin & Tonic Lakes. Such a beautiful little place that's close to home. The two lakes are smaller than Rainbow Lake, which is close by, but do not receive nearly as much traffic as the trail up to it is less marked / known.

Saw some large bear tracks. Unsure if if it's grizzly or black bear, but I did run into a small black bear on the way down the trail.